Los Al Lacrosse Freshman is Ready for Varsity

This has been a trentonJgood year for the Los Alamitos H.S. Lacrosse teams, especially with the Boys Frosh/Soph team, leading them all in wins and points. They have been able to do this with the help of a few current and previous Champion’s QUEST athletes. There is one athlete that stands out from the rest due to his development at Champion’s QUEST and determination on the field. Freshman, #2 Trenton Jones, plays attack and they have had great success from his efforts on the field by him helping the team to an undefeated season and only one tie against the Foothill H.S. team. With only three games left and playing a tough schedule this season, Trenton has been able to lead the team in assists and is only three goals away from leading the team in goals. With his help they have been able to win their games with a strong and commanding lead over their competitors, with the one exception, the Foothill H.S. team. Trenton has been a member in our program for exactly two years now, in which he has grown mentally and physically. He has been a key component to the teams success and has been able to transfer everything he has learned from our program on to the field with ease.

Trenton has always been an athlete with good natural athletic ability, he just needed to gain strength in order to help his position on the field. We have worked with him these past couple losalLacrosseof years to increase his strength, quickness and power. All of which he has done an extremely good job at applying on the flied. He has shown to be an athlete that can lead a team and handle the stresses of playing Lacrosse. He is a young and talented athlete that will be a healthy addition to the Varsity team during their playoff run this season. Now that the Frosh/Soph season is coming to an end, Trenton has three more games to show his coaches that moving him up would benefit the team by giving them a player that can score along with assisting his teammates in scoring as well. If not this year, Trenton will surely become a threat to his opponents and an asset to his team while on Varsity in the years to come.

Go Griffins!

By Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1


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