Success Story: Alison Waddles

Alison Waddles is a 15-year-old basketball player here at Champion’s Quest. Ali has been training with us since September 2014. She came to Champion’s Quest after a knee injury with the goal of improving her strength, range of motion, speed on the court, and of course preventing future injury! Ali’s future goals are to make the varsity team at Long Beach Poly and to earn a scholarship to play basketball in college.

basketball-hoop-1890775Since Ali began her training here she has been dedicated to her program and made great improvements. Her improved jumping form and increased range of motion have been one of the most important changes we have seen, putting her at much less risk for future injuries. On top of that she has made big strides towards accomplishing her athletic goals. Since September she has increased her vertical jump by 4 inches, improved her change of direction speed by almost a full second, and improved her linear agility by 6 seconds! On top of these numbers Ali has seen success in the clinics here, as well as on the court. Ali plays for Long Beach Poly and is one of only 2 freshmen on her JV team this year. We are all looking forward to seeing Ali grow even more on her team as well as here at Champion’s quest!

To reach these goals Ali has been attending strength and speed clinics every week. She has had to push herself in every clinic and it has paid off for her and will continue too! Ali is a great athlete and great to have here at Champion’s Quest. Great Job Ali and keep up the good work!


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