Importance of Visualization in Sports

Every athlete has been through stages where they are performing well in practice but can’t transfer it to the game, or they are in a slump and just can’t figure out what it is that needs to change. These problems and obstacles can often be tackled with the help of visualization and watching game or practice film. When we see ourselves on video (or in our head) performing in our sport our brain will actually send signals to the muscles used during that movement. It can also trigger certain emotions

  1. Have someone film you swinging from different angles. Keep the videos of swings or hits where you felt the best. Watch these before games, remember how the swing felt, the emotion you had when hitting the ball, and remember how the solid contact felt. This will give you the feeling that you have already been hitting well in a game that you haven’t even played yet.
  2. The night before a game visualize, visualize, visualize! Sit somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted, you can listen to music or leave it quiet. Visualize each of your at bats, balls, strikes, foul balls, and hits. Make it as realistic as you can. Then visualize yourself in your position fielding, throwing, making a great play, what ever you want. The important thing is to really feel it!
  3. If you are feeling down during a game try and think about a great play or hit that you have had before. Remember exactly how you felt when it happened and bring that into the next at bat or play.

Using one or all of these can help to break out of a slump or just to stay consistent. If you have any questions about visualization or need some video taken of you athlete please email me at

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