How Balance Training Can Improve Youth Athleticism

Balance work is usually a forgotten aspect in training youth soccer players. It is sometimes over looked, as soccer players can think of it as boring or easy. However, it is important that all soccer players complete balance training as it can help in many different ways. There are 3 main ways balance training can help improve youth soccer players.


  1. Strength without balance is useless. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, if you are off balance all the time, a better-balanced player will knock you around. In sports, the power used during a movement usually begins from the ground. If your feet on the ground are not stable, you will lose most of your power.
  2. Balance training prevents injury. If an athlete’s balance is good, they will be at less risk for getting an injury because their body will usually be in the most stable position. The more stable the soccer player is, the less injuries there are.
  3. Balance helps youth soccer players grow into their bodies. Balance work helps youth athletes become more aware of their body parts moving through space. As they practice keeping their balance, they begin to learn what their bodies can and can’t do. In turn, it makes them more aware of their bodies.

Balance work can benefit athletes of all ages but especially youth soccer players as it can increase strength, prevent injuries and help growing youth soccer players get more accustomed to their bodies. If you want to work on balance click HERE for a free clinic!

Coach Eric


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