Kanu Grover – CQ Success Story

WEEKLY SUCCESS STORYKanu Grover, a middle school basketball player attending Oxford Academy, joined Champion’s Quest last September to work on his overall athleticism. Kanu has been putting in lots of time and effort, attending strength and acceleration clinics while more recently moving into our basketball clinics with a goal of making next years team. Kanu has also been spending extra hours at CQ working on his strength and basketball skills, constantly challenging Coach Chris and me to shooting contests. All his hard work has been paying off, as Kanu’s overall testing score has increased by a whopping 216%!

Kanu’s biggest improvements have come in his body control and strength, resulting in increased agility and strength scores. He went from not being able to complete a single pull-up to completing 3 and a half! All of his footwork and agility scores have dropped by multiple seconds, and his speed scores have Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 1.59.31 PM
dropped dramatically as well. Kanu’s confidence has improved greatly, and he does not let a few missed shots alter his mindset or deter him from being aggressive. Kanu is a joy to work with and I always look forward to his hard work and his constant shooting challenges that keep me on my toes.

– Coach Logan


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