Hailey Thomason – Soccer Success Story

Hailey Thomason, a sophomore at Wilson High School, joined Champion’s QUEST last summer right after her Freshman year. Hailey’s goals were simple: Gain Speed and Agility. Being a center midfielder on her club team Slammers HB, Hailey was eager to put in the extra work outside of practice. Over the past 8 months, Hailey has come in for performance clinics, skills clinics, privates, and even working out on her own.

Every 3 months, Hailey retests in her performance tests and has shown great improvements in her athleticism. Her determination to be in the gym has given her confidence to push herself during her training and her results show that.

With college showcases coming up, Hailey is preparing to make one of the biggest Hailey Thomasondecisions of her life: Playing Soccer in College. With the college recruiting clinics at Champion’s QUEST, Hailey has made a list of schools that fit her academically, socially, and pathetically. Now, she is preparing to communicate with the coaches and show off her speed and strength on the field. This next year will be an exciting year for Hailey as she gets closer to her goal of playing in college.

Hailey’s attitude, consistency, and drive to do the extra will be an asset to any team she ultimately decides to play on. She will represent that school to the fullest both academically and athletically because she knows that she can do the extra work that others are not willing to do. In a couple years, we will see which flag will hang in the gym with her name on it.

Brittany Gonzales (Soccer Academy Director)

brittanyg@championsquest.com 562-598-2600


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