Tips for a Successful Baseball Season

baseball field
With baseball season right around the corner, here are a few important things to remember and implement in order to have the most successful season possible.

1) Take care of your body

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending months and months in the offseason preparing your body for the season only to end up out of commission and watching your teammates from the sidelines. Many of us take our health for granted and only begin to take appropriate measures to ensure a healthy season after an injury holds us out. Simple, quick care can prevent most injuries while most injuries take long, complex care to repair. Develop a pregame warm up routine, or an in-between innings routine if you’re coming off the bench or out of the pen, to make sure your body is ready for action. After a game, take care of your arm with shoulder exercises or ice, and be sure to work on flexibility and mobility. Don’t let that sore arm/back/leg develop into something more serious and miss valuable time on the field.

2) Be confident, stay positive

In a sport where failure is a constant, staying confident in your abilities might be more important than your skill set. Baseball will chew up and spit out the most talented baseball player with no confidence, but reward the average player who believes in his abilities. Believe that all your hard work during the offseason will lead to success, regardless of your batting average or ERA. Don’t carry your strikeouts at the plate onto the field, or your errors on the field to the plate. Instead, develop a mechanism to cope with and learn from these failures to become successful the next time you are in a similar situation.

3) Continue to train

With baseball season spanning over a couple months and the most important games stacked at the end, it is imperative that you continue to train. Without continuing to work on strength, speed, and power you will be left with less athleticism and ability during these all important games, whether it be a weight roomchampionship game, CIF playoff game, or your last home game as a Senior. An appropriate strength and conditioning program will adjust the training frequency and volume appropriately to have an athlete peak at the most important time of the season.

4) Above all, have fun!

Most importantly, don’t forget why millions of athletes around the world play baseball, for the love of the game. Make sure to enjoy your friends and teammates as you begin your seasons journey!

– Coach Logan


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