Katie Searle – Soccer Success Story

Katie Searle started training at Champion’s QUEST in August and has been working hard every week since then. She currently is finishing off her season at Rosary High School where she plays midfield on the soccer team. When Katie first started here her goals were to make Varsity and to improve her overall strength. Over the last 6 months, she has pushed herself hard in the gym and on the field and got pulled up to the Varsity team for CIF high school soccer playoffs!Katie Searle Not only did Katie earn the opportunity to play on the Varsity team, her athleticism has improved as well, especially her strength. Her push-ups have increased from 3 to 36 and her linear and lateral footspeed improved from a 10.31s and 11.20s to a 7.68s and 8.14s respectively. Katie always pushes herself in every training session and her hard work is just beginning to pay off. She has many more great accomplishments ahead of her, including playing in front of college coaches and getting prepared for college! Katie's Results If you want your success story to sound like Katie’s, email us at soccer@championsquest.com, or fill out a guest pass, click HERE. Coach Eric Brunter


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  1. Coach Brittany March 3, 2015 at 10:20 pm Reply

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    Check out my girl Katie Searle achieving goals on and off the field. -Being a better overall soccer player! 🙂

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