How Dedication and Commitment Produces Results…

We have at Champion’s QUEST have seen many of our athletes improve on their athleticism within the walls of our training facility the past decade of service to the community. Recently we had a 13 year old LAYB athlete by the name of Wyatt Gorman complete his first quarter evaluation with outstanding results. Wyatt has been a member of our Athlete Academy since September of last year to help improve his base running speed. Since then he has stepped up his commitment and has been coming in weekly on his own strength. This has been the game changer for him, since his initial evaluation Wyatt has improved his overall athletic ranking in our testing protocol by more than three times over.

wyattWyatt has shown that he is not only a talented athlete but also a strong commitment to his athletic growth by coming in for his own workouts every week. There are many young athletes his age that would rather be somewhere else other than training, Wyatt’s will to stay committed to his goals and always maintaining his focus during workouts has helped his evaluation score jumped up from 9.6 to a 29.6. His initial score had put him right at mid level for a middle school athlete and his most recent evaluation moved him up to a high level frosh/soph high school athlete. With the support of his parents, Wyatt has truly become dedicated to being a starting member of the Los Alamitos High School Baseball team this coming Fall.

Wyatt has improved his 10 yard dash time by almost two tenths of a second to a 1.70. He also had big improvements with his double leg linear and lateral foot speed by more a second for each test and a second improvement on the Shark Skills Test (single leg agility). With his Accelerative Speed and Foot Speed Agility improved, Wyatt has now increased his ability to run the bases and react to balls with the speed needed to become a Los Al starter. He also increased his Explosive Power on his Standing Vertical Jump by 4″ and his Approach Vertical Jump by 3″ which provides the base for increased speed. To show a true definition of an athletes ability is to test their Upper Body Endurance Strength. Wyatt improved his one minute push-ups from 24 up to 60, and the total pull-ups from 1/2 to 4.5 along with his Core Endurance (Plank) from 1:24 up to 4 minutes.

All these gains have been from his dedication, commitment and focus with his time in our program. We have spent about ten training sessions together improving on his running technique and form. The rest of the time he has committed himself to the strength workouts. Wyatt has shown lots of effort in all that he puts himself into doing. Every athlete has the potential to become that athlete they desire. It all starts with the will to commit yourself and the ability to take charge of your athletic success. Wyatt has shown that with both you can turn your want into a will and be that Athlete.

When is it your turn?


By Coach Derrick Campbell, B.S. Athlete Training, USTFCC


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