Extreme Measures to be Recruited by Soccer College Coaches

Most youth soccer players go through the popular methods of being recruited by soccer college coaches: college recruiting websites, highlight videos, and ID camps.alumnicover

  • College recruiting websites offer a glance at a soccer player’s profile that consists of player statistics, pictures, videos, academic awards, etc.
  • Highlight videos help college coaches see a soccer player play a game that they don’t have an opportunity see play in person.
  • ID camps give a closer first-person look for college coaches to see soccer players in a “try-out” scenario.

The above college recruiting measures are great options for soccer players to use to be noticed by college coaches. Working with high school soccer players over the past 6 years has given many thoughts to a variety of extreme measures that can help youth soccer players play at the collegiate level. The following extreme measure is a twist on the traditional methods of college recruiting tactics.


Showcases, like ID camps, give college coaches the opportunity to see soccer players play in live first-hand competitive games. As soccer players are looking across the entire nation to play at the next level, it is harder for college coaches to see live “first-hand” games. A majority of showcases allow “guest players” to register and play with a participating team. Most soccer players don’t think of guesting in showcases that their own team is not attending. However, college coaches want to see their potential prospects in person. It is a great idea to guest play in a showcase across the nation to have the college coaches watch as many live games as possible.

Guest playing with other teams also gives the opportunity to show the college coaches that a player can play a great game with any team of soccer players. Although this is an extreme measure for some soccer players, it also can give more opportunities to be seen in front of the college coaches.

Questions about Guest Playing with other teams, email Coach Brittany Gonzales


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