Tess Kersey: Success Story, 200% improvement in 6 months!

Tess Kersey started training with us her1013862_427801467366499_406661608_ne at Champion’s Quest this past summer but it was not her first time here. Tess had attended Champion’s Quest while in elementary school, and after a long break from training, came back at 14 years old ready to accomplish her goals. Tess compete’s for the Valley Christian High School equestrian team with her horse Venti and has been working hard at Champion’s Quest when she’s not riding. Her initial goals were to increase her strength to keep her legs stable in the saddle, and to improve her riding posture. With all the hard work she has put in the past 6 months, she has accomplishedScreen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.31.11 PM even more than that! Since starting here her athletisism has improved over 200%! Everytime she comes in to train, not only does she work hard, but she is a great positive person to be around. We are so glad to have her representing the equestrian community at Champion’s Quest, and representing Champion’s Quest in the Equestrian community. Keep up the hard work Tess! We can’t wait to see you continue to improve!

If you want your success story to sound like Tess’s, email me at Brigwaltney@championsquest.com, or fill out our guest pass at the top of the page to come try a free clinic.


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