Success Story: Tycen Sickles, Baseball Player

Tycen Sickles is a 15 year old baseball player here at Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy. Tycen started his training at CQ with the goal of making the Los Alamitos Freshman Baseball Team after not being selected for the study hall this past fall. With Tycen’s hard work and dedication I’m happy to say that Tycen made the Freshman team! It’s been really great to see Tycen’s continued determination pay off.

From September to November, Tycen improved in every testing category, with great improvements in his speed, agility, and strength. His biggest improvements were in his overall strength, with his plank going from 1 minute to 3 minutes and as well doubling the amount push ups completed! His agility scores all dropped over half a second, and his 20 yd sprint improved from 3.33 seconds to 3.13 seconds. With our next set of re-evaluations right around the corner I can’t wait to see how much more Tycen has improved!

With all of Tycen’s physical improvements, I believe his greatest improvement has come from his mental toughness. Tycen’s confidence has been steadily increasing, and he is now able to catch multiple games in a row without needing a break. I am very proud of Tycen and all the work he is putting in off the field, and I am very excited to continue to work with and prepare Tycen for the upcoming season!

Coach Logan Allen


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