Be the Coachable Athlete


Be coachable. Every team has an athlete on the team that is praised as a “Coachable Player.” Here are 3 tips every athlete can do to be on the path of being “Coachable.”

1) Arrive to practice 15 minutes early, get your gear on, and immediately start warming up. As your fellow teammates arrive, encourage them to warm up with you and be ready for practice on time. If you can’t get to practice 15 minutes early, then have as much of your gear on in the car before you arrive at practice. Show your teammates and coach that you are ready for every practice and eager to help your team. Soccer Speed

2) Jog and run everywhere. Walking looks and is… SLOW. Every athlete that moves quickly looks like they have energy and coaches love energy. Positive energy helps teammates bond, picks up the intensity of practices, and tells the coach that you are ready to be pushed and ready to learn. Jog to water breaks, run to pick up equipment, sprint in every drill, and every chance you have = Jog or run.

3) Speak to your coach. If you’re a shy, quiet athlete: a simple greeting “Hello” and “See you next practice” will do. If you’re an outgoing athlete: talk with your fellow teammates and encourage the quite ones to engage with the rest of the team. Greeting your coaches and teammates will make the team bond stronger. As your confidence grows in talking with your teammates and coach, ask them how you can become a better player. Coachable athletes are ones that can take positive critique and become better team players.Coach Brittany

It’s not easy to be a “Coachable” athlete. The 3 tips above are a starting point to becoming more coachable. Being the coachable athlete means you have to step outside of your comfort zone, talk to your coach and teammates, be supportive of your coaches’ every decision, and help your teammates when they make a mistake. Every athlete can achieve great success in their sport if they are willing to put in the work.

-Coach Brittany Gonzales, USSF, CSCS, FMS, USA-W


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