Chris Leachman: Local Football Standout Comes Back to Coach Local Youth

ChrisChris Leachman is a Southern California native, who grew up in Long Beach playing youth sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Although he was a multisport athlete, his true love was football.

He played several years of Pop Warner for the Millikan Pop Warner league, playing multiple positions on the field. It was when he got to high school he found his niche as a quarterback. Chris played quarterback for Long Beach Polytechnic High School and in 2010 received first team all Chris LeachmanMoore League honors in his senior season. In addition Chris played in the 605 all-star game where he led his team to victory by throwing the game winning touchdown late in the contest.

Chris continued his football career in college with the Alabama A&M University Bulldogs where he was named South Western Athletic Conference Player of the week for a game in which he threw for multiple touchdowns. Understanding the importance of being a scholar athlete, Chris will graduate in the spring of 2015 with a degree in physical education.

Coach ChrisIf an athlete can increase their knowledge of their sport, then the athlete can handle tough situations that may arise in a contest. Chris’ experience in high-pressure situations plus his knowledge of sports, football specifically, will be extremely beneficial to the athletes he comes in contact with at Champion’s QUEST. With a positive attitude, Chris hopes to bring just another dimension to the deep wealth of knowledge already installed at the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy.


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One thought on “Chris Leachman: Local Football Standout Comes Back to Coach Local Youth

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