Cypress High School Football DE overcomes sidelining injury to lead team to playoffs

This past High School Football season was one that Cypress High School Coaches are very proud of their players. Despite their tough lost in the C.I.F. Southern Section Football Playoffs to Buena Park High 100006951_largeSchool, they were giving many odds against them because of poor officiating. There were many athletes that stood out in that game and the one player which made me proud was the performance of Junior Defense End, #87 Tyler Hansen. Also on the Cypress team they did have a phenomenal athlete, #21 Quinten Pounds, who almost single handedly helped the team against Buena Park. Both of these players, along with others on their team truly gave their all in their last playoff game together.

Tyler has been an athlete in our program since the start of April of last year with the goal of earning  scholarship for Football the Brigham Young University. This has been a goal for Tyler since he has been young. His Quest to reach this goal is still ongoing due the the nature of the injury he sustained on the field in his first Varsity game of the 2013-14 football season. The injury side lined him the rest of the season and the surgery required a rod and screws to help with the formation of his bone. Once the 2013-14 football season was over the his Mother found our program online and decided to see if we can help Tyler get ready for next season.

When they had first came in for the initial evaluation, I noticed that Tyler was very respectful to all of our staff and very focused as an athlete. He also is very confident with his skills and talents regardless of the injury. He understands that his injury was an accident and through his hard work and continued determination of reaching his goal of becoming a athlete at BYU drives him forward. In our training sessions, I have seen him deal with the pains of having foreign objects inside his body and never give up his Quest. We have been through this past year from just having improve his running gait to working on explosive change of direction movements. Watching his development and dealings with severe pain in training, has shown me that many things can be accomplished with a strong heart and a well driven mind set.

Now that we are in the New Year, the direction for Tyler is not only to get ready for next football season but to give him the complete confidence to lead his team back to the C.I.F. playoffs and beyond. This is one athlete that will have tremendous success for his team and himself this new year. He will not only be quicker, stronger and faster, he will poses all the tools that will earn the scholarship he has been dreaming about since childhood. The time we spend training is a definite sign to me that Tyler will be that leader and role model for younger athletes on his team. I wish him the best of luck and growth during the year and in life!

Go Centurions!

By Coach Derrick Campbell, B.S. Athlete Training, USTFCCC


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