Success Story: Baseball Player, Henry Peacock

100007276_largeHenry Peacock is a 13 year old baseball and flag football player here at Champion’s Quest. Henry came to CQ this at the end of summer with goals to increase his strength and agility to ultimately help him play collegiate and professional baseball. Using his long limbs to patrol the outfield and excel on the football field, we have been focusing a lot on Henry’s body control and core strength. Henry’s hard work and determination makes him a joy to work with, as he is constantly working on his mental game to increase his confidence in his abilities.

Henry has been attending one clinic a week for the past 5 months, starting off in both the strength and acceleration clinics. As baseball is his true passion, Henry has moved into the baseball clinics and continues to thrive. I have seen big improvements in Henry’s strength and power outputs, shown in his vertical jump, pull-up, and front plank scores. The development of his core strength has greatly improved his body control, as all of his agility scores have greatly improved.

With his move into the baseball clinics, body control is a mainstay as the focus of Henry’s training. With improvement in his strength, we have also started to mix in some rotational power training, and we Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 12.15.04 PM
always focus on proper shoulder positioning and stability to help him stay injury free while increasing his throwing power.

With Henry in the offseason right now, he is determined to continue working hard towards his year training goals of 10 pull-ups, 55 push ups/min, and a 20 inch vertical jump. I always look forward to Henry’s time in the gym and cannot wait until spring to see how Henry’s hard work translates onto the baseball field.

Coach Logan Allen


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