Soccer Success Story: Maureen Kennedy

Maureen KennedyLast September in 2013, Maureen Kennedy walked through the doors at Champion’s Quest determined and motivated to increase her endurance to last a 90 minute soccer game and gain maximum strength to defend her opponents off the ball. On top of needing physical gains, Maureen also had the goal of earning a college soccer scholarship.

Maureen is a tall, lean soccer player with a lot of natural strength. When she first started at Champion’s Quest, Maureen had a great base of athleticism and needed some fine tuning to her running form and her body’s ability to maximize it’s power. For the first four months, Maureen focused her training on these areas of improvement: speed and strength. Once her confidence was consistent in her running form, then Maureen transferred her entire focus to strength and power training. During the high school season at Los Alamitos high school, she continued to train to maintain the strength she had gained during the club season. Maureen Kennedy Gym

After her first 6 months of training, Maureen saw a 100% improvement in her athleticism and decided to use her new found strength on the Strikers ECNL team. The coach liked her athleticism on the ball and her ability to play multiple positions.

Fast forward to the present and Maureen is playing 90 minute games and has had consistent contact with 5+ college coaches across Div. I, II, and III colleges. She is on her way to making a verbal commitment this spring. After the high school season is completed, Maureen’s training will bump up a notch as she will have 1 year to prepare for her first collegiate pre-season.

MaureenScores“Any collegiate soccer program that gives Maureen a spot on the team will receive more than just an athletic soccer player. Maureen’s dedication mixed with her free spirited attitude will no doubt be impactful on her future collegiate team. I am so proud of all of Maureen’s accomplishments so far and cannot wait to see what she does in 2015.” – Coach Brittany Gonzales


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