Champions Quest Soccer Academy Success Story: Nicholas Sparks. Coach Joe Polifroni, B.S. Kinesiology

Nicholas Sparks is a 12 year old soccer player here at Champions Quest. At the moment, he is at an All-American level and is not far away from moving into the Champions Quest Olympic level.  He currently plays for Rush Soccer club in Orange County. Not only he is the team captain for his club, he led the team in assists for their entire 2014 season. Normally he plays right or left midfield. Nicholas has amazing speed and has been improving tremendously on his dribbling and passing skills. All of his dedication and hard work translates to becoming a better soccer player.

Nicholas is a very dedicated young athlete who commits to working out at Champions Quest 4-5 hours a week. Over the past two quarters, we have been focusing on improving his overall athletic performance. He has seen remarkable improvements in his power, speed, agility, and strength.


The power in his lower body has increased and Nicholas now has a vertical jump of 23.5 inches, reaching over 104.5 inches. For a while, he had been struggling with a plataeu in his strength for a few months. By increasing the intensity of his program and staying dedicated to the workouts, Nicholas now can complete 57 push ups in one minute and can hold a plank for over 4 minutes. He made a 24% improvement on his total athletic scoring!

Nicholas has such a positive attitude towards his program and is always willing to push himself harder during each workout. His results will continue to get better and he will have the potential to be a great soccer player in high school and college!

To get results like Nicholas, come try out a FREE clinic and join our academy!


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