Success Story: Janelle Abbott

GolfJanelle is an 11 year old Golfer who has been coming to Champion’s quest since June of 2014. Janelle came to us with high hopes and high goals to increase her strength, improve her confidence, and become an, all around, better golfer. After 7 months of hard work she has done just that!

Janelle has already exceeded many of her year long training goals she set for herself, due to her hard work and dedication to her sport. She has been coming in every week to clinics here, as well as practicing on her own and taking golf lessons on weekends. Not only has she been working on her physical game, but her mental game as well. Golf is a very mental game and confidence is key. Janelle stays focused on her goals each time she trains to make sure it translates out on the course. Training at Champion’s Quest has helped to improve her confidence, her rotational power, her body control, and her over all strength. In 7 months she has improved 360%! Some of her biggest improvements include a 4 ½ inch increase on her approach vertical jump and a over a 4 second improvement on both her lateral and linear agility. Her goals for the upcoming year include making first place in a tournament, hitting straight with all of her clubs, and continuing to improve her upper body strength.

In the future Janelle hopes to make the Varsity golf team in high school, receive a college scholarship for Golf, and go on to become a Veterinarian. We have all enjoyed working with her for the past 7 months, and are excited to continue to see her reach a the rest of her goals! Great job Janelle!!


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