C.Q. Athlete Success Story! Brayden Englert

WEEKLY SUCCESS STORYBrayden Englert is a 14 year old baseball player here at Champion’s Quest. Brayden attends Los Alamitos High School and is extremely dedicated towards making himself a better athlete to better his skills on the baseball field.

BraydenThese past couple months Brayden has been focusing on strength and coordination, as his body is shooting through the roof! His reach increased 3 inches from April to September, and he seems to be getting taller every week. Through this growing phase Brayden has managed to increase his athleticism in nearly every category. His foot agility score went from 9.90 to 8.30, a decrease of 1.6 seconds! His change of direction score, the 5-10-5, increased from a 5.20 to a 5.10 and his vertical increased by half and inch. Even more impressive were his strength scores. Brayden’s push ups went from 38/min to 44/min and his plank time nearly doubled, from 1:10 to 2:12. Most notable was his increase in upper body strength, and he went from not being able to complete a pull-up to completing 4 pull-ups!

Brayden’s work ethic and dedication make him a joy to work with. He strives to get better each and every day, and gives well over 100% every time he steps foot in Champion’s Quest. Brayden has set high goals for himself, and we are currently focusing on increasing his strength and speed over the next couple of months as he continues to grow. Tracking Brayden’s progress is thrilling and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here! If you would like to improve your athleticism just like Brayden, come in and try one of our FREE training clinics! We are here to help you strive for your goals!


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