C.Q. Athlete Success Story! Aiden Greene! Coach: Joe Polifroni B.S. Kinesiology

Aiden Greene is an 11 year old Football player here at Champions Quest. He plays Wide Receiver and Strong Safety. During the summer, Aiden attended Champions Quest regularly, focusing on his strength and power. He saw great improvement in all aspects of his athleticism in only 3 months! Aiden’s vertical jump went up by 2 inches. Showing more strength and power in his legs. His other standout improvements came upper body power. Aiden went from completing only 59 pushups in a minute, to reaching 90 pushups in only one minute. Attaining these goals has tremendously helped Aiden on the field during his games. He runs harder and can out jump most of the kids his age. With improved upper body strength, Aiden can now tackle more efficiently and can create more interceptions.


When Aiden comes in to train, he is 100% focused on his goals and what he needs to accomplish each and every workout! He recently received Defensive MVP in his previous two football games.

The future for Aiden is very bright! He wants to start for the varsity football team once he gets into high school, then get a scholarship to play football in college. The ultimate goal for him is to become a player in the NFL! All of the coaches here at Champions Quest are so excited to watch this young athlete grow and develop into a phenomenal football star. With his mindset and physical capabilities, there is no stopping him!

To get started on reaching your goals, please come try one of our FREE athletic clinics! All of the coaches are excited to help you get on the right path, just like Aiden!


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