5 Reasons to Have a Female Coach for Young Girls

Female High School CoachFemale soccer coaches and female strength and conditioning coaches are on the rise, despite the sports world still being a male dominated field. Currently, there are many female strength and conditioning coaches paving the way in the Collegiate and Professional rankings. Kansas University’s basketball team has a secret weapon in Andrea Hudy, the only female head strength and conditioning coach with 9 national title teams and has helped develop over 2 dozen NBA players. On the MLB side, we saw the first and only female strength coach, Rachel Balkovic, become the full time strength coordinator for the minor league system of the St. Louis Cardinals.Female College Coach

With the increase in female coaching positions, it’s important for past female athletes to become mentors for the younger female girls in the community. Young girls would benefit greatly on and off the field with a female role model to look up to. Female coaches share the same social experiences and can help young girls as they grow physically and mentally.

Female Youth Coach

5 Reasons to Have a Female Coach for Young Female Athletes

#1 Female coaches are Great Role Models for girls because they have Competed themselves. 

#2 Female Coaches have gone through similar Emotional Stresses in their Life.

#3 Female Coaches are Compassionate.

#4 Female Coaches know the style of the Female Game. 

#5 Parents feel comfortable with a Female Coach being a Positive Role Model. 

CLICK HERE to see Female Coaches coaching Female Youth Soccer Athletes.

Need a Female Coach? Email Coach Brittany Gonzales  


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