Success Story – Maya Garcia

Maya Garcia is a 10 year swimmer here at Champion’s QUEST. Maya has been training1-photo (2) at CQ since the beginning of June this year and has worked hard to make tremendous improvements! In only 3 months she improved her vertical jump by 3 inches, ran her 40 yard dash 2 seconds faster, held a plank 2 minutes longer, and went from doing 0 push-ups to being able to do 20! Her improvements here have transcended into her swimming where she has moved up to a higher competition group. Maya came here to become more athletic over all and never expected to be able to reach her goals so quickly. Her goal everyday that she trains, is to give her very best, and if you ask any of our coaches, she has done just that!

Maya’s future goals are to compete at the Junior Olympics and, in the future, participate in the actual Olympics Games. Outside of swim she aspires to one day stop poverty and raise money for people in war areas. As you can see Maya is full of ambition and uses it in her everyday life. We are excited to see her continue to grow, both as an athlete and as a person here at Champion’s QUEST. Great Job Maya, and keep up the hard work!

If you would like to come try out a free clinic and see improvements like Maya did, then please fill out our free clinic form at the top of the page!


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