Success Story: Millikan HS Volleyball Star Libero


Charly Root is a 16 year old Volleyball Libero at Millikan High School and also plays for Seal Beach Volleyball club. Charly has been enrolled in our Athlete Academy for over two years now with a vision of beScreen shot 2014-09-16 at 2.05.38 PMcoming a Varsity starter. Within the time she has been training in our program she has been able to drop her 10 yard dash time over a half a second and her double leg lateral foot speed time has gone from being an average time for her age group to setting the Academy Record as best time we have tested in our facility! Charly has increased her confidence and continues to become more aggressive on the court. With her work ethic at a high level, as compared with other athletes her age, she is truly determined to achieve success on the court this year. Every athlete has to be able to commit to reaching their goals physically and mentally. With the mental commitment Charly has to her training, she is very goal orientated and is extremely passionate about giving her best effort at every challenge that crosses her path. There have been many athletes I have helped in my years of being a Champion’s Quest Athlete Performance Coach and Charly is one athlete that shows true ambition and tons of mental devotion which is her greatest strength. She is very talented at her position and extremely knowledgable in the game of volleyball, which will help her carry her game into the next level.

Charly is an athlete that knows she has to work harder than others in her sport since she is only 5’6”, in a sport that practically requires athletes to be tall. This being her Junior year at Millikan High School she wants to reach one of her goals of making the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Like all female Volleyball players in the Southern California area, Charly aspires to play at the Division I or II level. With the mental focus she has along with the physical preparation for the next year I believe that she will be a driving force for any team at either level. It was clear to me that Charly would achieve much success this year when she personally told me that she will be more dedicated and driven to become the best athlete on her high school team. The continued improvements in her agility and power will guide her into a position on her high school team that would lead them into a successful year. All of the positive feedback Charly has been expressing during our training sessions is giving me a better understanding of how someone so young can become successful. I wish her the best of luck during the high school season! Go Rams!

Written By Athlete Performance Coach: Derrick Campbell

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