Team Building Through Training

Every team needs Team Bonding, but does every team achieve TEAM BUILDING? Both team bonding and team building could be used interchangeably as long as the focus of the activity is to unite the teammates towards a common goal.

I prefer the term Team Building because a team is always striving to achieve a goal, whether that is to achieve a number of wins, move up a bracket in league, make it to the conference tournament or a national championship. Taking the team to a gym to workout is along the same lines of Building toward achieving a goal. In fact, the training in the gym directly correlates with the success of the team on the field.

The athletes get a chance to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to their fitness. They can empathize with each other over the difficulty of performing high intense exercises and completing the workout together. They also get to see their emotional and mental strength in each other and how to help each other through a difficult workout. Often times, emerging captains come out of the training because an athlete wants to encourage and cheer on their teammates through the difficult workout.

The best thing about Team Building in a gym, such as Champion’s Quest, is that the team is working together off the soccer field in a positive-rich environment that will push them to be better athletes. The Team Building exercise is mentored by an athlete performance coach, who is unbiased towards their playing time and playing position on the field. Every athlete is treated equally and gains confidence to help the entire team achieve their goals. It’s a Win-Win for the Team and each individual Athlete.

-Coach Brittany Email me


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