Get Ready for School Meals with a Plan

Now that school is back in the swing of things and we are trying to make sure our kids have the understanding to feed themselves with foods that are healthy for them. It can sometimes be a battle to have a nutritious meal at school. There are ways to provide our children with meals that can be not only nutritious as well as delicious. There are basic rules to having the ideal diet with any meal plan.
    Make sure they have a balanced meal every time that they eat. With the five food groups, everyone needs nutrition from each group and cannot live a healthy lifestyle or preform at their highest level if they are limited with in each area of the food groups. Most people may only need to add fruits and vegetables in to their diet since they may limit their eating habits to only consuming grains, dairy products and meats. When we can focus on a balance meal plan our body can be provided the essential nutrients needed to maintain a balance and healthy lifestyle.
    Have a variety of foods throughout the day, most importantly, do not let your child shy away from a type of food they have never tried because it’s looks. Each food group can provide the body with different types of vitamins and minerals that may be limited when their food pallet is limited. Foods that are rich in Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin, Iron and Folate provide a list of benefits for the body which include improving the function of the heart, muscles, skin, nervous system, digestive system. They are also important for growth, red cell production and protein production in our blood system.
  One area in which may be talked about to help maintain a fast metabolism is to have your child consume foods every 2 -3 hours. By eating this way, they will be able to speed up their metabolism without having to put in the physical work. Also drinking at least eight glasses or more of water each day will help with keeping the metabolism fast. With maintaining a high metabolism in our body it can help with weight management, energy levels and reaction time.
    Being able to always eat within moderation can provide a sense fullness within that body so that your child does not go beyond what they need to have the energy they need and will help maintain a weight level they are comfortable with. This can also help with being able to control the amount of calories taken in throughout the day. The biggest way to limit the amount of calories consumed throughout the day is to have fluid replacement beverage that has no calories ie; water.
    These are some tips to prepare your child when they are out at school and with friends to make the correct choices to provide the energy needed for activity. Along with having a balanced meal, consuming a variety of foods every 2 – 3 hours, and eat within moderation while controlling calorie intake. On should always have their child eat breakfast daily, replace soft drinks with water, include some type of protein in each snack, and get more sleep. This will give your child the energy, focus and confidence to take on any challenge.


Written By: Derrick Campbell, Athlete Performance Coach

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