Success Story: Brian Pintar, Golf, Motocross Athlete

WEEKLY SUCCESS STORYBrian Pintar is a 13 year old golf and motocross athlete who has worked extremely hard this summer to increase his athletic abilities across the board. He has been attending two clinics a week over the past three months, with a mainstay in our intensity clinic – a higher paced clinic focused on increasing stamina, strength, agility and core. Brian has set long term goals to play NCAA Division I golf, and eventually play on the PGA tour. 

In Brian’s three short months, his biggest improvements have come in his upper body and core strength. He went from completing 10 push ups in a minute to completing 35 push ups, and increased his front plank hold from 1 minute 28 seconds to 6 minutes and 5 seconds! Also noteworthy was Brian’s ability to complete his first dead hang pull-up! Aside from his upper body and core strength gains, his overall balance, coordination, and agility improved greatly with times decreasing by around a half a second across the board. 

Brian’s short term goals include driving the ball higher and farther and further increasing his upper body strength. To achieve these goals Brian is committing two extra days a week to strength workouts in which he will be following a periodized plan to maximize his strength and power output.

“I am very excited to see what the upcoming months bring for Brian, his dedication to strength training on top of his academics and time spent on the green will lead him to great success in the near future.” – Coach Logan Allen 

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