Lauren Anderson – Success Story

WEEKLY SUCCESS STORY Lauren Anderson is a 14 year old Volleyball player at Corona del Mar High School that is a member at the T-street Volleyball club. She has been enrolled at Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy since September of last year. Within the short time she has been training in our program, her blocking vertical has improved by 3″ and her approach vertical has gone up 4″. Lauren has shown a passion for improving her athletic ability by changing her focus on how she perceives herself as an athlete. Her confidence is one of the areas that has grown tremendously over the course of her training. Her leadership on her club team has shown to be very commanding and is also a motivating factor to her teammates. Both parents have noticed a change in how she feels about herself on the court and with her training. Lauren has used these newly developed characteristics to help increase her performance on the court and helped her become the 2014 May 14s T-Street Player of the Month. This high school season Lauren will have a chance to showcase her skills at a higher level in a division that sees lots of Volleyball talent.

images“All of her skills have become consistently accurate and aggressive, a huge improvement from the beginning of the year. Her swing is high and targeted, she is one of the most controlled passers on the team, and her float serve has become a powerful, hard to pass ball.” -14s Coach Megan  T-Street.

There have been many athletes which have came through the doors of Champion’s QUEST with the goal of reaching the varsity level at their high school and Lauren is no exception. Her goals are not only to play on the Corona del Mar Girls Varsity team, she also aspires to receive a Division 1 scholarship for volleyball. Lauren has proven to myself and the Champion’s Quest staff that with hard work, 100% effort and mental determination it is possible for her to reach those goals. Many athletes always talk about wanting to improve their speed and strength, which can sometimes be too general in the field of athlete performance. When Lauren started she was very tuned into what exactly was needed in order for her to make the Girls Freshman Volleyball team at her high school.  Lauren will take all of the knowledge and athletic performance she has gained from being in the academy and apply it not only on her varsity team but into college and beyond.

“Since she’s been coming to QUEST, I feel like I have substantially grown as a player.” – Coach Derrick.

Derrick Campbell

Athlete Performance Coach


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