Brandon Woyjeck- Athlete Success Story



Brandon Woyjeck is a 12 year old soccer athlete here at Champions Quest who has been working very hard over the summer and has been completely dedicated to his conditioning program. He plays for FC Long Beach soccer club, and is a regular starter on his team. These past 3 months he improved greatly on his strength, speed, and agility! 

10394614_1534881913409710_7684617600689071916_nBrandon attends our academy twice a week, focusing on improving in every athletic category. In addition to coming to clinics and private workouts, he works out on his own, attends practices for soccer, and plays games on the weekends. He has achieved an elite level in our academy, known as the “Olympic” level. This means, at 12 years old, Brandon athletically performs at a high school varsity level! 

He improved his linear and lateral agility speed times by almost half a second, which is tremendous in a span of 3 months. In the 40-yard dash, Brandon dropped his time from 6.03 seconds, to 5.83 seconds! He also increased the amount of pushups completed in 1 minute, from 65 to 82. These are all huge improvements within 3 months. Champions Quest is so proud of all his accomplishments! 

In order to achieve these goals, Brandon attended acceleration, and strength athletic clinics. He also came in once a week to workout 1 on 1 with Coach Joe Polifroni, focusing on speed and ball control. Brandon has worked hard to become one of the best players on his team. Even when his team is practicing rigorously to prepare for tournaments, Brandon still makes the extra effort to workout at the academy because he knows it will make him better! Champions don’t make excuses, they just work harder than everyone else. Brandon is a true Champion and we are excited to see where his work ethic and athletic growth will take him!


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