Cross Training – Changing Up Training Physically & Mentally

Coach Brittany takes the Gym to the Beach!

Brittany Gonzales, CSCS, FMS, USSF

What is Cross Training these Days? …Is it the extra skills private with your team coach? …Is it playing indoor soccer on off days? …Is it having one of your teammate’s dad put on a fitness session before practice? …Is it playing a different sport in the off season?

Many people have diagnosed the reasoning behind the purpose of cross training for youth athletes. The positives – doing something other than soccer. Thenegatives – kids are doing too much and placing too many stresses on their bodies.

Scenario: The Goalkeeper for the soccer team needs more help in Quicker Reaction Drills, how do they improve this outside of practice. Should they stay completely soccer and attend a Goalkeepers Only Training Session. Should they cross train in a different sport to make them a more well rounded athlete. Perhaps by playing in a recreational Basketball league in the off-season. The bets answer is…

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