Alyssa Aburto – Success Story


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Alyssa Aburto is a 14 year old softball player here at Champion’s Quest. Alyssa has been training with us for 6 months with the goal of increasing her speed, becoming a more powerful athlete, and improving her mental game. Alyssa’s ultimate goal is to get a scholarship for softball and study oceanography.2014-08-19 16.43.24

In Alyssa’s 6 months her she has worked hard and made great improvements. Her biggest improvements have been seen in her foot speed and upper body strength. Her agility scores have all become 2-3 seconds quicker and she went from being able to only do 6 push-ups to completing 25 in our last session. in addition to these numbers, Alyssa has seen success in our athletic clinics here, as well as on the field. Alyssa plays travel softball for a very competitive team and was a force everytime she was in the box, or out in the outfield. We are all looking forward to seeing Alyssa grow even more here at Champion’s quest!

To reach these goals Alyssa came to strength, acceleration, and intensity classes, switching off every week. On top of that she put in extra time for training and conditioning with her travel ball team. This has not been an easy road though. She has had to push herself in every class, improve her diet, stay hydrated, and make sure that even when she wasn’t here she was staying active. It has paid off for her and will continue too! Alyssa is a great athlete and great positive energy to have here at Champion’s Quest. Great Job Alyssa, and Keep up the good work!


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