Lori’s Letter — Washington Spirit

Coach Brittany’s thoughts on Pro Soccer Player Lori Lindsey’s retirement from soccer and her message for all soccer athletes.

Brittany Gonzales, CSCS, FMS, USSF


This morning, one of my athletes Emily sent me a text to check out a link on the Washington Spirit website. One of their midfielders, Lori Lindsey, is retiring from a long career with soccer. Upon retirement, she has looked back at the last 30 years of success in soccer with passion and love for the sport. She begins by mentioning her brother, Chris who “shoved you (soccer) in my face” and her Dad, who “built a goal in our backyard.”

WARNING: If you are emotionally connected to Soccer as much as I am, you will get teary eyed and may shed a tear reading Lori’s “Open Love Letter to Soccer”  – her words of thanks to soccer and all the people that have influenced her to fulfill her goals in the sport.

Lori’s Letter — Washington Spirit

Lori’s Letter — Washington Spirit

Looking back at my career in soccer…

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