College Prep – Marketing Your Sport Specific Strengths to College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches is similar to applying for a job and hoping the Interviewer of the Company will contact you. In this case, the Company is the College and the Interviewer is the Coach. So how do you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition? MARKETING!

Market yourself for the talent you naturally have. Your Smart Phone is about to become even more than Your Best Friend!
If you are the Fastest on your Team and love to Run Down the Ball or opponent, then use your Speed to MARKET yourself and Gain Attention. Have your parent or friend use their smart phone and take video clips of your sprints down the field. Take your friend and a stopwatch to the track and use your smart phone to video your sprints with the timer on film to show your time in four 100 meter and 200 meter sprints. Upload these videos to YouTube and add the link to your college recruiting website, your player profile, and emails.

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If you love to Head the Ball and Jump for anything in the air, MARKET yourself to Show Off your Hops. Your Champion’s QUEST coach will test your vertical jump and approach vertical jump. Place these scores on your player profile and in your emails. Is your vertical jump really high for your height, then put down your height also. Add a picture of you jumping up for a header in a game. Make sure the picture is taken with the ground in the shot so a coach can tell how high you are getting off the ground.

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image004If you have the Best Foot Skills on the field and Attack the defense by Dribbling through them, MARKET yourself with your Confidence on the Ball. Take video of your juggling routine at a park and list the highest number of juggles you have achieved. Make a list of how many times you score off a skill on the ball or how many assists you have from dribbling at the defense. Add all this data to your college recruiting website, player profile, and emails to coaches.

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rLpU4Dwt7mxmB3LoJU7pQaage-aTkOXljGTS0C8COIY=w308-h497-noIf you are the Leader on your Team and the Captain, MARKET yourself with your Ability to Bring the Team together. Share your creative strategies that help your team come together when you’re losing the game or need a boost to run sprints at practice. Add a picture of you with your Captain’s Arm Band on. Write down your methods in an email and let the coaches know how much you care about your team and that you’re not afraid to lead them to victory.

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Speak with your parents and your coaches to figure out what your best natural ability is on the field. Promote and Market this through videos on YouTube, your player profile, your college recruiting website, and send these messages to the coaches constantly. College coaches receive hundreds of emails. When you do talk to a coach, reference the topics that market you. Then when they come to see you play, they know exactly what they should see from you.

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