Success Story: College Bound – Logan Mao’s Story to the University of Boston

232323232fp83232>uqcshlukaxroqdfv6;66=ot>2367=339=--2--498;-9823-ot1lsiLogan Mao started training at Champion’s Quest in November 2011. Logan has truly excelled and powered through many obstacles thrown her way during the last 3 years at Champion’s Quest. The major obstacle was when she tore her ACL at the beginning of her training in a High School soccer game in 2011. Despite her injury, she trained twice a week leading up to surgery in late January and came back determined to become a top athlete after surgery. She found Long Beach Junior Crew the following summer and has excelled in a sport that she was unfamiliar with prior to tearing her ACL.

Logan knew she wanted to compete in college and earn a scholarship. She was not going to let her surgery dictate a goal she had set. She became and is today a strong leader and will make an immediate impact at Boston University on their crew team.

Despite going from a running sport to a non-running sport after surgery, Logan was still determined to be a great athlete overall, not just a great rower. The following test scores should have improved no matter which sport she competed in, and they did. Logan improved her approach vertical jump to 21 inches from 17.50 inches, her plank hold to 4:30 minutes from 1:13 minutes, and her pull-ups from 0 to 6.50. The real surprise is the running scores that improved despite having ACL surgery and converting to a sport that does not include sprinting. Logan took 3 seconds off her agility, 2/10s off her change of direction, and 1/10 off her 10 yard and 40 yard sprints.

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Logan believed an injury does not stop you if you have a goal. Although an athlete goes through ups and downs, you can still focus on being a good athlete. Logan’s looking forward to the great kinship of the team and rowing at Boston University. Her story of dealing with adversity will not only help her in college but will give her the strength to lead her team on the water.

“I am extremely proud of Logan for never giving up on her goals and pushing herself to get up every morning to go through her grueling workouts. The University of Boston Crew Team is lucky to have her and she will represent them with courage, passion, and conviction.” -Coach Brittany

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One thought on “Success Story: College Bound – Logan Mao’s Story to the University of Boston

  1. Coach Brittany August 14, 2014 at 7:59 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Brittany Gonzales's Blog and commented:
    Check out one of my soccer athletes turned Rower!! Sometimes they were meant to be more than a soccer athlete. Happy to help her reach her goals.

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