Athlete Success Story : Skylar F

Skylar F, a local softball athlete playing for Los Alamitos Girls Softball League and All-Stars last Summer has been training with Coach Meggan for the past six months. When Skylar first came in for sports performance training, her main goal was to increase her strength and speed on the field. Working on footwork, strength, body control, quick feet agility, rotational power, and skill development, Skylar’s program focuses on developing multiple elements of the game. Power training for speed out of the box, injury prevention such as core training and knee stabilization. perfecting her running technique, and agility has helped Skylar improve her score by over 500% in the past six months. Coach Meggan shares that, “Skylar has been coming in twice a week working very hard. I look forward to her sessions because Skylar works to improve each session. She is the kid that will not leave a day without knowing that she did extra work to learn and improve. Coordination and agility training is something that Skylar has trouble with and instead of giving up as some athletes I have seen, she digs in and works harder and harder. She continues to develop her mental focus as well.” Skyler shares that her main goal is to continue to improve her speed and compete in college. Skylar says, “I get better every time I come here and now I have learned how to really push myself.” Congratulations Skylar! Keep up the hard work.

Some of Skylar’s accomplishments are shown below. 




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