Athlete Success Story: Olivia A

Olivia A, a junior volleyball athlete playing for Seal Beach Volleyball Club has been training with Coach Meggan for the past six months. When Olivia first came in for sports performance training, her main goal was to increase her strength and quickness on the court. Working on footwork, strength, agility, power, and skill development, Olivia’s program focuses on developing multiple elements of the game. Power training and olympic lifting, injury prevention such as core training and knee stabilization. perfecting her running technique, and agility has helped Olivia double her score in the past six months. Coach Meggan shares that, “Olivia has been coming in twice a week working very hard. I look forward to her sessions because she is one of the hardest working athletes I have coached. She is very mentally strong and mature beyond her years. There are not very many players out there in a defensive position jumping over 29 inches! She has a strong four years of college competition ahead of her and I look forward to seeing her succeed in her future goals.” The hard work has paid off. Olivia has experienced huge gains in her athletic development. This was demonstrated in her most recent athletic re-evaluation. 

Some of Olivia’s accomplishments are shown below. 




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