Athlete Success Story – Karina Whiteley



Karina has been attending Champion’s Quest for a year and a half. She currently is in the 8th grade and plays for Exiles FC. Karina made a big soccer move last year when she switched club teams. She had decided that a change was important to push her physically and mentally for preparation into high school. She decided to play for a team that had already been established, which made her fight for a starting defender position.

Since joining the team, Karina’s confidence and aggressiveness to dribble and shoot from the defensive role has immensely improved. Karina has enjoyed playing in the Surf Cup, at the National Cup in North Carolina, and competing in the top showcases coming up this year. She will be an athlete to watch in the next couple years as she continues to get faster, stronger, and powerful. Her hard work and dedication to do the extra training and push herself show on the field. She is extremely calm and is quite the “quiet storm.”

Karina’s Stats: Vertical Jump: 19.5 inches      40 yard sprint: 5.87 seconds     Plank Hold: 1:35 minutes



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