Champion’s Quest 10th Anniversary Awards Banquet

Congratulating the Senior Class of 2014! 

Recognizing the Youth Athletes of Today! 

Commemorating the Last 10 years of 

Collegiate, Professional, and Successful Athletes

of the Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy!




Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy was originally named Ball Call Sports by owner/founder Greg Moss in 2000. The name “Bad Call” was in reference to athletes that have to overcome failures in their sport. Four short years later in 2004, Greg changed the name to Champion’s QUEST when he opened up his business to a group of parents who wanted to see the athlete academy grow into the community.

Greg’s daughter Rachel was an avid tennis athlete and became mentally fatigued from the sport. In efforts to help her mental toughness, Greg transitioned her into volleyball and began working with her and her team on mental and physical training. Greg realized that the mental aspect played a bigger part in an athlete’s development along with helping the athlete become quicker, stronger, and powerful.

From what started in a park in Cypress, Greg was able to help many athletes achieve goals they did not believe they could reach. Often times athletes are overlooked due to their size, skill, or mental toughness. Greg had a way to make them be the best athlete they can and gain college scholarships and success in sports.

This year we are naming the “Most Improved Athlete Award” after Greg Moss for his development in Improving young athlete’s Mental Strength, Physical Abilities, and a Life Style that is includes fitness and confidence. This award will be given to 1 female and 1 male athlete who has shown the greatest improvement in the past year based on their Quarter Evaluations and Goals from March 2013 to March 2014.

Join us Friday May 30th at 6:30pm as we congratulate and praise the athletes and their accomplishments at the 10th Anniversary Awards Banquet.


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