Athlete Success Story – Molly Holloway



Molly (17 years old), training with Coach Derrick Campbell in the Athlete Academy since March of 2009, trains to compete in Volleyball. Improving her mental strength, upper body strength, agility, and core strength, has made Molly a more confident player. Molly plays locally for AVA and St. Joseph’s High School. Coach Derrick shares that “when Molly first started at Champion’s QUEST, she was here simply for the reason that her parents wanted her to be here. As she grew and her performance increased, she recognized the value in our program. Once she realized that she has the potential to be a force on her team, she dedicated herself to increasing her vertical jump. These past couple of years, her work ethic has developed into the mind set of an elite athlete. Molly understands that her talent needs to be enhanced in order for her to become a top player at the collegiate level. I am also very proud of her commitment to play collegiately next year.” Molly shares her “future goals are to be an intricate part of a successful volleyball program in college. My ultimate goal is to become a Division 3 All-American. My goals academically are to major in Business Management and to minor in French so that I can pursue my ultimate dream of studying fashion in Paris. I owe a lot of my success to the coaches at Champion’s QUEST. They have built me into a strong athlete both physically and mentally. The work they put into helping me become a better athlete has really shown on the court through understanding how the game is played, how my body performs, and how every second of being an athlete depends on how much effort and focus you put into your training. ”

Some of Molly’s accomplishments are shown below:

10 Yard Sprint – 1.60s

Vertical Jump – 25 Inches

1-2 Agility Drill – 5.43s (5th place record for female athletes in the Academy)

Congratulations Molly! Keep training hard!

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