The Importance of Hitting the Opposite Way

      The Importance of Hitting the Opposite Way
     By: Brad Olson, BSImage
          Everyone loves to hit homeruns. It’s what you dream of hitting from a young age. Whether you’re playing in the back yard with friends, or playing in a championship game, the homerun is a difference maker, and every player wants to hit one. There is no better feeling than watching a ball you just hit clear the fence, however, hitting a homerun is a rare occasion.
            There is a saying in baseball that your glove gets you in the lineup, but your bat will keep you in the lineup. This is evident at every level. Guys play into their 40s in the MLB because they can hit, and there’s a DH position. Most of the DH players are ones that hit a lot of homeruns, but they also do something that not every player can do. They can hit the ball to the opposite field. At a young age pitchers are taught to throw the ball away to hitters. This is because if they make a mistake, they are less likely to get hurt by it because it is much harder to hit an opposite field homerun than it is to pull a homerun. Most of the time the most damage that is done by hitting the ball the opposite way is a double, and depending on the field or speed of the runner, a triple. Either way, the hitting team still needs to get another hit to score. This allows the pitcher, and the defensive team to have a chance to get out of the inning without giving up a run.
            Most of the time people try to pull everything they can. They have more power doing this. However, when the outside pitch is pulled, it results in one of two things. Either a pop up, or a weak ground ball, and either way, you are most likely going to get out. The other issue people run into is they change their swing on an outside pitch. Instead of striding towards the pitcher and getting their momentum going forward, they stride towards the 1st or 3rd base line depending on being right or left handed, resulting in power loss. This cost them all the opportunity of hitting a homerun, and getting that feeling of ultimate success in hitting a homerun.
            Instead of changing the swing, all one needs to do is hit the ball deeper in the box. On the inside pitch you need to hit the ball out in front of the plate, so on the outside pitch, hitting it deeper on the plate keeps your power compacted until contact allowing you to get the most out of your swing, and getting the best result!

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