Athlete Success Story: Tracy Nakamura

Tracy Nakamura (13 years old), training with Coach Meggan Brunette in the Athlete Academy since Fall of 2011, trains to compete in Basketball. Improving her mental strength, upper body strength, agility, and core strength, has made Tracy a more confident, aggressive, and speedy teammate!  Tracy plays for local teams of Long Beach and Cerritos. She is also currently looking forward to trying out for a team looking to play internationally in Japan this upcoming Summer! Coach Meggan shares that Tracy “has consistently worked hard in her training sessions, is one of the most coachable athletes she has worked with, and has become incredibly fast and controlled on the court these past two years. Tracy now scores as high as some of our athletes going into college on more than one of our evaluation tests and that is due to her ability to adapt and respond to our coaching cues quickly. Her running technique has improved dramatically as she is so attentive to her training as well. I am eager to see her improvement going into high school!” Tracy has improved her overall athleticism over 300% in the past two years! Good luck in your future athletic endeavors Tracy. Champion’s QUEST staff and athletes are eager to see your future success!

Some of Tracy’s accomplishments are shown below:



Congratulations Tracy! Keep training hard!

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