Athlete Success Story: Jack Scully

Congratulations to Jack Scully, who has been training with Coach Derrick at Champion’s QUEST since April of 2010. A student of the Long Beach Poly HS Pace program, Jack has maintained a 3.4 GPA while playing Tenor Sax in the school jazz band, competing on the Baseball team, and training at CQ. He was runner up for “Most Outstanding Player” with a .474 batting average and .516 on base percentage out of 25 games this past season with Poly HS. He was voted Frosh/Soph ‘Player of the Year’ and says Champion’s QUEST has made him “faster, stronger, and more powerful than he ever thought he would be.” Jack says the “coaches have given him confidence and faith in his own ability.” He also states, “The coaches at CQ really know what they are doing. If you want to be a better soccer players you will be better at soccer. If you want to be better at football  you will be a better football player. Also, they know how to be your friend and coach. I have learned the importance of focus, dedication, commitment, and how they affect my performance. At Champion’s QUEST, I benefit by increasing my athleticism while at practice I can work on my skills.” Coach Derrick says, “He is very confident in his ability and has a great amount of focus during his training. He has an abundance of potential and I see his career traveling past college baseball.”

Some of Jack’s accomplishments are shown below:


All the coaches at Champion’s QUEST recognize the hard work that Jack has put into achieving his goals and look forward to continued success!





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