Written By: Meggan M. Brunette, B.S., C.S.C.S., USA-W



Those who drink a regular soda a day experience an increase in cholesterol of about 11%. In addition, they have a 10% increase in liver fat and 104% increase in skeletal fat.   There is also a 30% increase in both triglyceride blood fats and other organ fat. Even with diet soda, it has been found that those who drank two diet sodas daily over 10 years experienced a 500% waist expansion! There are two contaminants in the caramel coloring that have been found to cause cancer. Just 16 micrograms each day is enough to post a cancer threat and the average 20 oz bottle contains 200 micrograms. This is over 12 times the minimal amount that has been found to be linked with cancer! Soda also contains phosphoric acid known to be found naturally in foods such as meat and dairy. Too much of this acid leads to kidney problems, muscle loss, and osteoporosis. Brominated vegetable oil, added to citrus flavored sodas, has been found to cause memory loss and nerve disorders. As much as 88% of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified to resist toxic pesticides. These GMOS are linked to digestive tract damage, accelerated aging, and infertility. Most of the ingredients in soda are derived from corn. You do the math on this parents. Our kids and us adults need to STAY CLEAR OF SODA!!


I have summarized above from the Rodale News online.



As if already knowing that conditions in which animals are kept are worse than poor weren’t enough, the main problem for us consumers is antibiotics. In order to keep the animals from getting sick in such awful conditions, they are pumped with antibiotics we then end up consuming. Most of my athletes, including myself at times, have thought that if we were eating chicken it may be better for us. WRONG! A chemical preservative found in fast food chicken is derived from petroleum. Watch out for this ingredient called tertiary butylhydroquinone in some of your favorite foods. Trans fats are also found in many fast food foods. This raises our LDL cholesterol or BAD cholesterol which leads to heart attack or cardiac arrest. If you have not seen the documentary SUPER SIZE ME, you must see it soon! I understand with a busy schedule it is difficult to prioritize and make time but for the safety of our athletes fast food must be avoided.  

 I have summarized above from online.


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