Athlete Success Story: Daniel Weis

Daniel Weis, training with Coach Derrick Campbell and Brittany Gonzales, for the past five years, has experienced great success in his athletic career at CQ.  Just a few of his accomplishments are playing as a starter on the Varsity Soccer Team for LAHS as a Freshman, receiving 2nd team all Sunset League as a Sophomore, serving as the Varsity Captain and receiving 1st team all Sunset League as a Junior, and earning 1st team all C.I.F. and 1st team All-County now in his Senior year. Attending Los Alamitos High School with a 4.4 GPA, he will be leaving for the University of Chicago Soccer Team in the Fall. He has developed his soccer skills, while improving his strengthspeed, and power at the Academy. Daniel says he, “wants to use his degree in Economics to achieve a strong understanding of the business world and work hard to provide a good life for his family someday.” Coach Derrick says, “Daniel is extremely dedicated as an athlete and student and will achieve great success throughout his life.” Daniel states that he “likes Champion’s QUEST because it has been a completely transformative experience. It improved his mental and physical strength, which allowed him to excel both on the field and in the classroom. The energy and expertise provided by CQ has made his success possible.”

Some of Daniel’s accomplishments are shown below:


All the coaches at Champion’s QUEST recognize the hard work that Daniel has put into achieving his goals and look forward to witnessing his future success as he goes on to compete in College. Congratulations Daniel and best of luck to you!


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