Athlete Success Story: Sam Kurutz

Sam Kurutz, training with Coach Matthew Brocker for the past seven months, has greatly improved his leadership ability at quarterback for his FNL team. Improving his upper body strength, agility, and sprinting speed has helped him lead his team, the Michigan Wolverines, to a successful season. Coach Matthew says, “Sammy comes to every session at Champion’s QUEST ready to work hard and improve his ability. His hard work and dedication has paid off which is evident in his great results for his last re-evaluation.” A student of Tincher Prep, Sammy’s future goals are to play varsity for baseball and football in high school. Sam states that he “likes Champion’s QUEST because it helps him with agility, speed, strength, and jumping.” Continuing to compete in basketball, football, and baseball throughout this next year, the coaches at CQ look forward to watching him progress in not only his skill level, but in confidence and leadership skills as well. 

Some of Sam’s accomplishments are shown below:


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