Athlete Success Story: Roman Aragon

Roman Aragon, training with Coach Meggan for the past two years, has made HUGE improvements this past quarter! “Three months ago I sat down with Roman to get him refocused on his goals for the year. I am so proud of how much he has improved in the past three months. He is a young athlete who is committed and determined to achieve success, says Coach Meggan.” Roman’s commitment to himself is to play professional golf in the future. Roman says, “Champion’s QUEST has helped me to greatly improve my ball striking. I am proud of myself and the hard work I have done.” Roman, a 12 year old who is training to compete in big tournaments all over the nation this summer, hits the ball an exceptional 320 yards! This quarter, he improved his speed, agility, core stabilization, and overall explosive power. He is going to make huge strides this year in his game, as he enters high school. We look forward to all that he will accomplish in this next year.

Congratulations Roman on your great improvements!

Some of Roman’s accomplishments are shown below:


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