Athlete Success Story: Amber Whitmore

Amber Whitmore, from Los Alamitos High School Soccer, has been training with Coach Brittany since October of 2012. Also competing with the Greater Long Beach Hurricanes, Amber has consistently worked out weekly during her high school season. Her greatest success so far has been her mental focus on expanding her athleticism on the soccer field. Her goals are to play on the varsity soccer team consistently and ultimately be recruited to a top college. She is very eager to continue her power training and improving her change of direction speed. All the hard work is clearly paying off as she has improved her vertical jump by 2.5 inches and her 10 yard sprint dramatically in the last three months!

Congratulations Amber on your great improvements. We look forward to all you will accomplish in 2013!

Some of Amber’s accomplishments are shown below:


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One thought on “Athlete Success Story: Amber Whitmore

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