Athlete Success Story: Haylie Butler


Haylie Butler has accomplished a lot in her six years here at Champion’s QUEST. Coached by Derrick Campbell, she began her training for volleyball and skating in 2006. A Senior student of Connelly High School, Haylie plans to attend a top University next year with expectations to compete in volleyball while studying pre-medicine. Her ultimate goal is to serve as a Naval doctor! Coach Derrick explains that when Haylie began training at QUEST, she always had a passion for becoming a complete athlete. As the years went by, Haylie never took her focus away from her goals. She has spent countless hours on the ice in the mornings followed by training sessions at QUEST after school and volleyball practice. That alone showed her focus and dedication. Coach Derrick says, “she has a clear future in front of her to work in the medical field and help infant children. I know she will accomplish her goals and look forward  to her future success.” In the past year, Haylie has increased her vertical jump by 5.5″ and her agility score is the highest of all female athletes at Champion’s QUEST. Haylie says, “Training here has helped me become successful as not only an athlete but in other facets of life. I am more motivated and determined after training with Derrick and couldn’t ask for a better coach. Everyone at QUEST has always looked out for my best interest and going into college I will take everything I have learned and use it to succeed.”


Some of Haylie’s accomplishments are shown below:

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 3.42.29 PM

Congratulations Haylie on your huge improvements! Keep up the good work in the next quarter!


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3 thoughts on “Athlete Success Story: Haylie Butler

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