Champion’s QUEST Success Story – Kara Bissell



As High School and the Soccer Club season begins, Kara Bissell is thinking like a collegiate athlete. Since mid-August, Kara has been coming in 4-5 times a week for 1-2 hour-long sessions with Coach Brittany. Kara is using these weeks as her “Pre-Season” to be in optimum shape for her Freshman year.


Kara enrolled into the Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy last September with a plan to prepare for her Freshman year of high school. Well that time has now come and Kara feels that the last year is paying off for the season to come. Half way through this past year, Kara had to decide which high school she would attend: Orange Lutheran or Los Alamitos High school. Knowing the decision would be difficult; Kara took a visit to Orange Lutheran, walked around their campus, and met the soccer coach. I then took Kara for a visit to 2 Los Alamitos soccer games, watching the current Varsity squad play in the Sunset League and listening the direction Coach Steve Soler and Coach Eduardo Nunez instructed from the sideline. After careful consideration, Kara decided to enroll at Los Alamitos High School and fight for a spot on the Varsity team as a Freshman.


Kara jumps a powerful 20 inches off the ground, helping her to jump over her opponent and head the ball. Her upper body strength has improved from 12 push-ups in 1 minute to 44 push-ups, allowing her to get “stuck in” with 50/50 balls. Another great accomplishment for Kara, she can do 1.50 pull-ups, where she came in not able to do 1. Kara has taken 3 tenths off her 40 yard sprint time, enabling her to get up the field faster on transitions.


With Kara’s increased athletic ability (over 105% improvement in 1 year) and her mental strength through this pre-season training, Kara has the right momentum to carry her through the club season, high school season, and college showcases


Congratulations Kara on your huge improvements! We can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!


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