Champion’s QUEST Success Story – Matthew Perales


Matthew Perales is a 13 year old up and coming football player in the Los Alamitos community. He is entering his second year of Pop Warner football after training at Champion’s Quest for the past two months. As a quarterback Matthew entered CQ with quite a bit of right side dominance as this is often the case with right handed quarterbacks. Therefore a big focus of Matt’s was to improve his muscular balance and core control.  Matt has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Sean Herrin and in just two short months Matthew has surpassed his previously determined 1 year athletic performance goals.  “Matt is the type of athlete coaches dream about working with because of his tenacious work ethic, coachability, and internal drive which without question have brought him the incredible achievements within a very short time frame.”

Some of Matthews’s accomplishments are shown below:




Congrats Matt on your huge improvements! We can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!

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